from 1926 eighty years of sweet goodness.

, a famous industry of rock in the Sannio, produces with passion and masterly skill the Torrone Croccantino di San Marco. This Torrone is famous in all the world thanks to its high quality and delicious taste. 
The Serio has a various assortment of torroni, torroncini and many delights from the only and unmistakable taste all
to discover and to savour.

The products of Serio, manifactured in elegant sheaths of varied weight and dimension are all made up of cacao to 72%.
Thanks to its delicious flavour, this torrone was apprecied from all in the world: poor and rich.

The quality of the product is preserved because the process of production is still handicraft but, thanks to the new technology it's possible to better the characteristics, quality and create new type of torrone
Head office and production San Marco dei Cavoti - ( BN )
Tel: 0824-98.45.99 / Fax: 0824-99.59.07
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