History of Torrone

The Torrone of Benevento is a symbol of a long tradition for the sannita people.

The Torrone was known just during the Roman time who called it "Cupedia" which means disordered wish ( desire ) of delicate food.

The ingredients of this particular rock are: honey, egg white and hazel nut.

We don't know the precise etymology of the term Torrone, but it's probably that the name has latin origin: torréo, rrés, rrùi, stùm that means to toast, being the toasted nut the principal ingredient.

The first species of torrone go back to the XVII century, we remember the "Perfetto Amore", "the Ingranito" and the "Torrone of Pope".

The ingredients of Perfetto Torrone were honey, egg white and hazel nut covered with chocolate, lemon or coffee.
The ingredients of The Ingranito were not only honey, egg white and hazel nut but also some sugarplum called cannellini.
All was covered with sugar, from this the name of Ingranito.
The ingredients of Torrone of Pope were: liquefied sugar, pine-seed and (frutta sciroppata).

The tradition tells that this Torrone was called Torrone of Pope, because its flavour was so delicious that was perfect and worthy for the Pope's mouth.
After some years was produced the Torrone of Queen. This Torrone was dedicated to the gluttony of the King Ferdinado I (di borbone).

Thanks to its delicious flavour, this torrone was apprecied from all in the world: poor and rich.

Subsequently diffused the Torrone Perfezionato i.e Cupeta, with honey, egg white and almond.
The particularity of this torrone was that the time of cooking was very long ( about 8 hours ) and it was covered with wafer.

Today the Torrone preserves the ancient flavour once, it's produced with the same ingredients, the same manufacture and the same passion and devotement. The quality of the product is preserved because the process of production is still handicraft but, thanks to the new technology it's possible to better the characteristics, quality and create new type of torrone. 

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