Dolciaria Serio

In the 1926 , Saverio Serio, a known and appreciated pastry-cook, after a long period of formation near industry of rock in benevento, open his own activity in his country called San Marco dei cavoti.

In a short period he contributed to make appreciate the torrone thank to his skills in the choose of ingredients and soon the torrone become the characteristic production of San Marco dei Cavoti and today San Marco dei Cavoti is famous just for the production of Torrone.

The classic and typical Torrone of San Marco was composed with honey, egg white , hashed almond.

The idea of Croccantino called The Perfect was winning, so mister Serio proposed them in two version: covered with only fondent chocolate and covered with fondent chocolate and sugar.

The last type was proposed until 1960 Saverio Serio died prematurely, so his work was continued by his wife and his son who continued the familiar tradition with love and passion.

Actually the industry is localized in the industry zone where there is the production of torrone, torroncini and from 1997 it was founded a " s.r.l. society " and there are 5 associates.

Today the Dolciaria Serio sells its products in Europe, U.S.A and Canada. 

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